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Working group Seifert

The Seifert research group explores the influence of cellular and molecular mediators of an immune response on endothelial cell properties and function to better understand the pathogenesis of diseases.

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Vascular Immunology

"Our goal is to study the complex interactions between endothelial cells and key players in the immune response to both better understand the pathogenesis of disease and to develop appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic options for disturbances in endothelial function."


  • Friede Springer Herzstiftung (2015- 2018)
  • DFG Project 657/12-1 (2015-2019)
  • Einstein Center Regenerative Medicine (ECRT), grant (2017-2019)
  • EU Project PACE (2016-2021)

Techniques & services

  • Primary human cell cultures (endothelial cells, mesenchymal stromal cells, cardiac cells, tenocytes)
  • Isolation of extracellular vesicles (EVs) by differential ultracentrifugation, characterization (EM, flow cytometry, protein/BCA, NTA)
  • Immune cell isolation, separation and co-culture assays
  • Flow cytometry analysis
  • Fluorescence microscopy/ High Content Screening
  • Proliferation assays
  • Cytotoxicity assays
  • Migration assays
  • Apoptosis Assays
  • Monocyte/Macrophages (differentiation/polarization assay)
  • Endothelial assays (activation, angiogenesis)
  • ELISA & Multiplex assays
  • Quantitative real time RT-PCR
  • Immune histology

Contact details

Prof. Martina Seifert

t: +49 30 450 539 435
f: +49 30 450 539 933