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Publications WG Volk

Here you will find a selection of publications on translation research by the WG Volk.

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Selected publications

  • Prass, K., C. Meisel, C. Höflich, J. Braun, E. Halle, T. Wolf, K. Ruscher, I. V. Victorov, J. Priller, U. Dirnagl, H.-D. Volk, A. Meisel; Stroke-induced immunodeficiency promotes spontaneous bacterial infections and is mediated by sympathetic activation reversal by poststroke T helper cell type 1-like immunostimulation; Exp. Med. Jahr:2003; Volume:198Issue:(5):Seiten:725-36.
  • Sawitzki, B., B. Kieselbach, M. Fisser, C. Meisel, K. Vogt, M. Gaestel, M. Lehmann, K. Risch, G. Grütz, H.D. Volk; IFN-gamma regulation in anti-CD4 antibody-induced T cell unresponseveness; J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. Jahr:2004; Volume:15Issue:(3):Seiten:695-703.
  • Bunde T, A. Kirchner, B. Hoffmeister, D. Habedank, R. Hetzer, G. Cherepnev, S. Proesch, P. Reinke, H.-D. Volk, H. Lehmkuhl, F. Kern; Protection from cytomegalovirus after transplantation is correlated with immediate early 1-specific CD8 T cells; J Exp Med Jahr:2005; Volume:201Issue:(7):Seiten:1031-6.
  • Zenclussen, A. C., K. Gerlof, M. L. Zenclussen, S. Ritschel, A. Bertoja Zambon, S. Fest, S. Hontsu, S. Ueha, K. Matsushima, J. Leber, H.-D. Volk; Regulatory T cells induce a privileged tolerant microenvironment at the fetal-maternal interface; Eur. J. Immunol. Jahr:2006; Volume:36Issue:(1):Seiten:82-94.
  • Letsch A, Knoedler M, Na IK, Kern F, Asemissen AM, Keilholz U, Loesch M, Thiel E, Volk HD, Scheibenbogen C.; CMV-specific central memory T cells reside in bone marrow; Eur J Immunol. Jahr:2007; Volume:37Issue:(11):Seiten:3063-8.
  • Sawitzki, B., Bushell, A, Steger U., Profanter, N., Fisser, M., Risch, K., Lehmann, M., Wood, K.J. and H.-D. Volk; Identification of gene markers for the prediction of allograft rejection or permanent acceptance; Am J Transplant. Jahr:2007; Volume:7Issue:(5):Seiten:1091-102.
  • Harms H, Prass K, Meisel C, Klehmet J, Rogge W, Drenckhahn C, Göhler J, Bereswill S, Göbel U, Wernecke KD, Wolf T, Arnold G, Halle E, Volk HD, Dirnagl U, Meisel A.; Preventive antibacterial therapy in acute ischemic stroke: a randomized controlled trial; PLoS One Jahr:2008; Volume:3Issue:(5)
  • Brestrich, G., Zwinger, S., Fischer, A., Schmück, M., Römhild, A., Hammer, M. H., Kurtz, A., Uharek, L., Knosalla, C., Lehmkuhl, H., Volk, H.D., Reinke, P.; Adoptive T-cell therapy of a lung transplanted patient with severe CMV disease and resistance to antiviral therapy; Am J TransplanT Jahr:2009; Volume:9Issue:(7):Seiten:1679-84.
  • Meisel, C., Schefold, J. C., Pschowski, R., Baumann, T., Hetzger, K., Gregor, J, Weber-Carstens, S., Hasper, D., Keh, D., Zuckermann, H., Reinke, P., Volk; Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor to reverse sepsis-associated immunosuppression: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled multicenter trial; Meisel, C., Schefold, J. C., Pschowski, R., Baumann, T., Hetzger, K., Gregor, J, Weber-Carstens, S., Hasper, D., Keh, D., Zuckermann, H., Reinke, P., Volk Jahr:2009; Volume:180Issue:(7):Seiten:640-8.

Contact details

Prof. Dr. med.
Hans-Dieter Volk

t: +49 30 450 524 062 (Secretariat)
f: +49 30 450 524 962