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  • T. Ritter, M. Seifert, K. Risch, A.Fretz, H. Tanzmann, J. Brock, H.-D. Volk and M. Lehmann (1999): Depletion of IL-4 does not prevent tolerance induction in an allogeneic rat kidney transplantation model. Transplantation Proceedings 31: 887-888
  • A. Busch, H.D. Volk, W.A. Marasco, A.M. Mhashilkar, C. Doebis, T. Ritter and M. Seifert (1999): Skin transplantation: MHC I deficiency by intrabody expression in primary keratinocytes- new perspectives? Immunobiol. 200: 324
  • M. Seifert, W. Sterry, E. Effenberger, A. Rexin, M. Friedrich, A. Häussler-Quade, H.D. Volk and K. Asadullah (2000): The antipsoriatic activity of IL-10 is rather caused by effects on peripheral blood cells than by a direct effect on human keratinocytes. Arch. Dermatol. Res. 292:164-172.
  • M.H. Hammer, A. Flügel, M. Seifert, M. Lehmann, C. Brandt, H.D. Volk and T. Ritter (2000): Potential of allospecific gene-engineered T cells in transplantation gene therapy: specific T cell activation determines transgene expression in vitro and in vivo. Human Gene Therapy 11: 1303-1311.
  • R. Rückert, K. Asadullah, M. Seifert, V. M. Budagian, R. Arnold, C. Trombotto, R. Paus and S. Bulfone-Paus (2000): Inhibition of keratinocyte apoptosis by IL-15: A new parameter in the pathogenesis of Psoriasis? J. Immunol. 165: 2240-2250.
  • Seifert M, Doebis C, Ritter T, Busch A, E. Effenberger, W.A. Marasco, A.M. Mahshilkar and H:D. Volk (2000): MHC class I deficient human epithelial cell lines and primary human keratinocytes by intrabody expression- universal donor cells for skin transplantation? Arch. Dermatol. Res. 292: 214.
  • A. Stein, M. Seifert, R. Volkmer-Engert, J. Siepelmeyer, K. Jahreis and E. Schneider (2002): Functional characterization of the matose ATP-binding cassette transporter of Salmonella typhimurium by means of monoclonal antibodies directed against the MalK subunit. Eur. J. Biochem. 269: 4074-4085.
  • C. Doebis, T. Ritter, C. Brandt, B. Schönberger, H.D. Volk and M. Seifert (2002): Efficient in vitro transduction of epithelial cells and keratinocytes with improved adenoviral gene transfer for the application in skin tissue engineering. Transplant Immunology 9:323-329.
  • B. Sawitzki, M. Lehmann, K. Vogt, M. Seifert, K. Risch, J. Brock, J.W.Kupiec-Weglinski, H.-D. Volk (2002): Bag-1 up-regulation in anti-CD4 mAb-treated allo-activated T cell confers resistence to activation-induced cell-death (AICD). Transplant Immunology 9: 83-91.
  • A.M. Mhashilkar, C. Doebis, M. Seifert, A. Busch, C. Zani, J. Soo Hoo, M. Nagy, T. Ritter, H.D. Volk, W.A. Marasco (2002): Intrabody-mediated phenotypic knockout of major histocompatibility complex class I expression in human and monkey cell lines and primray human keratinocytes. Gene Ther. 9: 307-319.
  • M. Seifert, B.H. Gruenberg, R. Sabat, P. Donner, G. Gruetz, H.-D. Volk, K. Wolk and K. Asadullah (2003): Keratinocyte unresponsiveness towards Interleukin-10: lack of specific binding due to deficient IL-10 receptor 1 expression. Experimental Dermatology 12: 137-144.
  • C. Doebis, F. Beyer, A. Busch, W.A. Marasco, H.-D. Volk, M. Seifert (2003): MHC Class I deficiency on endothelial cells by gene transfer of anti-MHC I intrabodies. Genes and Immunity 4: 12.
  • Beyer, C. Doebis, A. Busch, T. Ritter, A. Mhashilkar, W.A. Marasco, H. Laube. H.D. Volk, M.Seifert (2004): Decline of surface MHC I by adenoviral gene transfer of anti-MHC I intrabodies in human endothelial cells-new perspectives for the generation of universal donor cells for tissue transplantation. J Gene Med 6: 616-623
  • A. Busch, W.A. Marasco, C. Doebis, H.D. Volk, M. Seifert (2004): MHC class I manipulation on cell surfaces by gene transfer of anti-MHC class I intrabodies- a tool for decreased immunogenicity of allogeneic tissue and cell transplants. Methods 34: 240-249.
  • C. Doebis, S. Schu, J. Ladhoff, A. Busch, F. Beyer, J. Reiser, R.F. Nicosia, S. Brösel, H.-D. Volk, M. Seifert (2006): An anti-Major Histocompatibility Complex I intrabody protects endothelial cells from an attack by immune mediators. J Cardiovascular Research 72 (2006) 331-338.

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